Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naturism?
Naturism is the simple practice of going without clothes.
Naturism is good for you too, the effects of the fresh air and sunshine on the body promote a healthier lifestyle, you'll feel better, more relaxed, less body conscious and less stressful.
Naturism is for everyone, poor body image is something evolved from the Media, nobody is perfect. People from all walks of life can enjoy the freedom.
Popular activities include swimming and sunbathing along with sports. These activities are combined with mixing among like minded, sociable and friendly people this leads to a more harmonious life.
Being the newbie is always difficult, we understand more than most the hesitancy felt before stripping off in a social environment. Contrary to popular belief and bad media coverage, no-one is ever asked to leave their clothes at the gate and quite often won't get undressed during their first visit. This gives people the chance to experience naturism and see if it's something for them. They can then choose to get involved, or not, at their own pace.
Many naturists discovered naturism whilst holidaying abroad.
When the weather cools Naturist are just like everyone else, they quickly get dressed. Both clubs and swims generally have indoor and outdoor facilities that are open all year round.

Where is O.S.C.L Located?
Oaklands Sunclub is located in Semi-rural Leicestershire, within 10 minutes drive of the M1 / M69 motorway intersection.
The club is situated in a secluded woodland setting, yet is only minutes away from the local facilities.

Does O.S.C.L have a restaurant or bar?
No. Members bring their own food and drinks.
There is a well equipped Members Kitchen which you can use to prepare your own food.

Does O.S.C.L cater for pets?
Unfortunately we do not cater for pets.

When is the club open?
Once your membership has been accepted, you're free to come and go as you like.
The club is open to its members at all times.

How do I become a member?
Select membership on the main menu, from here you have the option to either.
Download and print a membership form, fill in your details and then return it by post.
Fill in the online version which will be emailed directly to the membership secretary.

What will people say if they find out we are naturists?
They won't unless you choose to tell them.
Other naturists are fully understanding and would want to protect your enjoyment of naturism rather than jeopardise it.
For this reason we only use first names.

Can I / We Visit the Club?
Visits are available for people who are interested in joining our club as part of the membership application process.
These will be arranged in advance with the committee or membership secretary, someone will need to be responsible for you during your time on site.
A maximum of three visits are permitted, prior to applying for membership. There will be a small charge for each visit, this will refunded should you to join.
Weather permitting it would be expected that your visit would be on a naturist basis.
Under no circumstances will visitors be accepted at the gate unannounced.